Impact of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft on left Ventricular Systolic Function


  • Dilshad Abdulqadir Rasul
  • Mohammed Hasan Alwan



Coronary artery disease, Coronary artery bypass graft, Left ventricular ejection fraction


Background& objective: Coronary artery disease is the common cause of disease-specific mortality and morbidity in Iraq. The objective was to evaluate the effect of coronary artery bypass graft surgery on left ventricular systolic function.

Methods: Present study was an observational prospective study implemented in Surgical Specialty Hospital in Erbil city-Kurdistan region/Iraq through the period of one year from 1st of June 2021, to 31st of May 2022 on sample of one hundred and forty patients with ischemic heart diseases underwent coronary artery bypass graft. The ejection fraction of patients was assessed before and after coronary artery bypasses graft surgery.

 Results: Mean left ventricular ejection fraction of all patients underwent coronary artery bypass graft was significantly reduced post bypass graft (p=0.01). However, the mean left ventricular ejection fraction for patients with ejection fraction?50% was significantly declined post bypass graft (p<0.001) and for those with ejection fraction <50% was significantly increased post bypass graft (p=0.001), The changes in left ventricular ejection fraction of 139 patients after grafting was distributed into; 34.3% of patients with improved, 21.4% of patients with unchanged and 44.3% of patients with declined, and one patient died.

Conclusions: The left ventricular systolic function following coronary artery bypass graft is dependable on preoperative left ventricular systolic function and it is improved in patients with low ejection fraction, while reduced in patients with normal ejection fraction.



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